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Top LED Downlights China Manufacturer from Design to Finished
Find out how Vertex manages the production process and completes your orders on time with high quality standard. Vertex downlight manufacturer focusing on the production of LED downlight for 22 years. We know the product and know how to save more than 20% of the purchase cost of your project; whether it's in terms of size, color, material, packaging and other dimensions.
Most of the led lights we can provide,and 5 year warranty on the quality of our manufactured products. We offer the following services:
· OEM/ODM services.
· Custom wattage, lumen, IP rate, color, material, function, etc.
· Low MOQ order.
· Low price but stable quality.
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Manufacturing Process
100% IQC
Power testing
Aging test
Photoelectric test
lP rank test
Prevent corrosion test
Constant temperature test
High temperature test
How Vertex makes products for your brand
We can produce any type of downlight
·Over 22 Years of Commerical Lights Manufacturing Experience.
·Quick Response Supply Chain & Quick Delivery.
·100% Quality Inspection Before Shipment.
·EU Patented Designs.
·Fast Lead Time.
·Up to 5 Years warranty.
·Directly Factory Price.
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Tell your ideas to the Vertex's project manager
Tell your ideas to the Vertex's project manager
Provide your concept for your product via our channels. You can also provide a rough specification for your products, such as their color temperature, IP rate, functions, etc.
Reasonable production line layout
Vertex's reasonable production line layout is the most fundamental way to improve production efficiency.
Perfect supply chain management organizational structure and management system - ORG
Perfect supply chain management organizational structure and management system - ORG
Strong and long-lasting cooperation with material suppliers, they supply a variety of materials and improve product perfection which improve project response speed.
Material inventory planning and monitoring - ITO
Build up a complete material storage warehouse to respond quickly to changes for your brand projects.
Product introduction line and production cycle - PLC
Product introduction line and production cycle - PLC
Through reasonable and flexible production line layout, we have different production solutions for large orders and small orders to maximize production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure fast delivery.
Production process flow implementation standard - SOP
Each process can be performed automatically by using automated equipment, reducing the rate of defective products, effectively saving material and product production costs, making your brand more effective of cost.
Production planning and control process - OTD
Production planning and control process - OTD
Vertex has skilled workers, and each worker will undergo professional training to ensure that their operation is standardized and their movements are proficient. And each production line has a production director to inspect and supervise to ensure that each worker's production process meets the requirements.
Material Review - MRB
In the production process, the quality of raw materials is strictly controlled, and the rings that affect the appearance of the downlights are 100% inspected, and all materials comply with RoHS requirements. All driver power supply will have power test, dimming test, 2750V surge test, etc.
Cycle Counting - CC
Cycle Counting - CC
As a manufacturer, Vertex has strict delivery standards for finished product delivery, so we will use CC to ensure that the delivered products meet your standards.
Logistics & Delivery
All finished downlights are assembled within the custom packaging and are arranged in cargo containers to keep them safe and on-time arrivals.
We are here for any service
We are here for any service
We’d love to hear from you, if you have any questions, please let us know and we’ll get back to you in the shortest possible time!
WhatsApp:+86 13129015647 (Ms. Alice Lee)
Tel:+86 13129015647 (Ms. Alice Lee)
LED Downlight Manufacturing
Manufacturing all the parts
With LED drivers, LEDs, and aluminum housing prepared, the assembly workshop is here for joining all the parts together. Vertex follows standardized assembly process with the help of BOM sheet for each mode of LED downlight, indicating the correct way and standard to assemble the light. All workers must finish the assembly job as per the sheet.
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