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Fire rated downlights offer a solution to the issue of compromised fire integrity when installing recessed downlights. Using a fire-rated downlight can significantly decrease the time it takes for a fire to spread compared to a non fire-rated alternative.

Recessed downlights are becoming ever more popular in residential and commercial builds. However, installation of a recessed downlight requires a hole to be cut in the ceiling, which may compromise the ceiling's fire integrity and significantly decrease the time it takes for a fire to spread. In line with BS476 Part B building regulations, downlights should therefore have the ability to maintain the fire rating of the ceiling to 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Plasterboard thickness and joist spacing within the ceiling vary depending on the required level of fire rating. These requirements are generally determined by building height and use.

Testing fire protection levels

A ’30, 60, 90’ fire rated downlight must pass separate tests for each time period and it must not be assumed a downlight that states it can withstand 90 minutes of fire is also 30 or 60 minute fire rated. Vertex's fire rated recessed downlights have been rigorously independently tested to 30, 60 and 90 minutes to provide the fire safety needed for all ceiling types.

Fully Compliant In All Ceiling Types:

Rated/ JoistI- JoistMatel WebSolid Timber
Ceiling Type

30 Mins

1X12.5mm standard plasterboard
60 Mins2X15mm standard plasterboard

90 Mins

--2X15mm standard plasterboard

Vertex Frited Rated Downlight

Vertex fire rated downlights meet UK Standards, tested and certified according to BS476, and is 1”Asia-Pacific manufadturer of fire-lated LED recessed trim meeting UL263. Vertex Lighting have been designed to deliver high-quality light with a contemporary design that will look impressive in any setting.


Flicker free: Protecting the eyesight of your family make your life healthier.

Dimming: Fantastic dimming performance, support single unit dimming and 0-100% dimming.

No noise: Create a quiet and comfortable environment for your family.

Fire rated: BS476 PART B 30,60,90 minite fire ratedapproval.

Life Span: Over 40,000 hours lifespan, 5 years warranty. Extremely long lifespan.

Smart Version: Color switchable, Dim to warm, Tuya RGB available


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