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MImics Dimming Of Halogen Lamps

Traditional halogen lamps are simple to make, low in cost, easy to adjust and control brightness, good color rendering, etc., but at the same time there are fatal shortcomings, such as short service life, low luminous efficiency, and only 12%-18% can be converted as light energy, while the rest is lost in the form of heat energy.

Dim To Warm LED Lamp

Now with the development and popularization of LED technology, more and more countries have banned the sale of halogen lamps in order to save energy and protect the environment. In order to preserve some of the advantages of halogen lamps, people invented the Dim To Warm COB, which It has the same dimming effect as a halogen lamp, and the color temperature can be changed in different color temperature ranges such as 1800K~2700K, 2000K~3000K, 1800K~4000K, etc when you dim it. More and more European customers like this functional design, because it not only has the traditional halogen Light effect but also very energy saving.


Applications for Warm-Dimming

Light color and the dimming quality of fixtures are highly valued in hospitality settings such as restaurants, hotel lobbies, guestrooms, ballrooms, and theaters.  It is also an excellent addition to any residential space.

All Vertex's products can be made with Dim To Warm function, and the color temperature range and color rendering index can also be customized according to customer requirements. If you like this function, please contact us.

dim to warm led

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