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You’ve Got the Production Team in China
Vertex provides a strong OEM service that can build your brand. The extensive options on your customized light fixture, our certified production facilities and the tools and experience our team have, can set you apart from your target market.
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certified factory
35-40 days lead
Discount for large
How we cooperate?
From start to finish, our experienced and qualified engineers work closely with you in finding a LED light solution that addresses your business requirements.
Send your design
Provide your concept for your product via our channels. You can also provide a rough specification for your products, such as their dimensions and materials.
Get Reviewed
The design team carefully examines your design or specifications and provide suggestions on how we can improve your concept.
Sample Molding
Constructed the mold using the finalized design for your custom LED light. We ensure the mold accurately captures your specifications.
Sample Prototyping
The prototype of your LED lights is produced and delivered to you within 1 week. You can see first-hand the outcome before we move to mass production.
Trial Order
Feel free to order a small batch of your LED lights for testing purposes. The trial order provides ease of mind that your whole order of LED fixtures meets your standards.
Cooperation Contract
Signing a contract ensures that you confirm the construction and quality of your custom LED light before we start producing your order.
Mass Production
Upon signing of your contract we proceed with producing your LED light orders utilizing advanced manufacturing equipment within the expected deadline.
Logistics & Delivery
All finished LED lights are assembled within the custom packaging and are arranged in cargo containers to keep them safe and on-time arrivals.
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Share The Load To Us!
As a mass producer of LED Lights, Vertex has set up a suitable industrial supply chain and built up the necessary production capacities with state-of-the-art technology to controll production capacity, so as to share the cost and efficiency of production for you.
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