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Design-Obsessed Team and Attitude
Vertex's R&D department hosts a prime selection of qualified engineers and designers. Through our determination towards quality development and results, we have gained over 260 patents in as fast as 20 years. As one team, we are committed to bringing you new products that excel in the market. Designs begin with your ideas and inputs, from which we identify your needs and apply our manufacturing knowledge to produce a responsive solution.
Innovation is our constant pursuit
Innovation is our constant pursuit
Vertex has been pursuing continuous innovation and growing together with customers. Each time we design and develop new products, we will first listen to customers' opinions, and then find the latest and best solutions to customers according to their requirements. The new AC high-voltage dimming power supply which in the application of downlights has given our customers great success, and the innovation and patented technology of fireproof structures have also created a very good market for our customers.
Our Facility and Equipment Ensure Both Form and Function.
Our approach to developing new LED lights comes from years of industry experience and successful projects. In making our prototypes, we take note of every detail possible, from the size and shape to the costs and time spent for production.
About Product Design
VERTEX has a dedicated research and development team that can help customers design their desired products. The R&D team of more than 20 peoples has successfully obtained more than 260 invention patents and appearance patents in 24 years. Professional technical personnel will draw accurate drawings according to customer requirements, in accordance with strict standards to manufacture products. And combined with professional testing instruments, test the quality of products, and get accurate data.
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