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How to choose the right Color Temperature?

Color rendering and appearance are critical considerations in light source selections.Correlated Color Temperature(CCT)relates to the color of light produced by a light source, and uses the Kelvin temperature measurement scale.

Colorrendering index(CRI) is a measure of how accurately an artificial light source displays colors. The higher the CRI(80 and above), the better the artificial light source is at rendering colors accurately.

Warm White(2600K-3200K) is the warmest option that most closely approximates a standard halogen bulb. It is most often used in areas like living rooms.

Bright White(3200K-4500K) is a whiter light than soft white and is most often selected for kitchens and bathrooms or work spaces.

Daylight(4500K-6500K) is recommended for reading areas or for use in craft rooms and is a more bluish white that most closely approximates an outdoor overcast sky.

How many lights am I going to need?

This question has no easy answer,as opinions on this subject vary greatly. However,a good rule of thmb is to take the height of the ceiling and divide it in half. This is the distance that each light should be from one another. The total number of lights will also be affected by the type and wattage of bulb being used. Spot lights with narrow beams will produce pockets or pools of light, while flood type bulbs will produce broader amounts of light.

Are LEDs bad for your eyes?

Like any light source,if you stare too long it will cause some discomfort and or imaging. However, if LED products are used the same way traditional lighting is used, they will not damage your eyes.

Why Choose Vertex Lighting?

With over 22 years in the lighting industry, Vertex Lighting is concentrated on researching and producing innovative lighting products, supplying best solutions for electricians, to save time and protect their safety, and gives 5 years warranty for most of our products.

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